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B2B and B2C Marketing

Where Ideas Come to Life 

List2u redefines comprehensive marketing services by seamlessly integrating omnichannel strategies and specialized solutions across various industries.

Welcome to List2u: 
Your Marketing Partner

​For over 25 years, List2u has been transforming marketing with innovative omnichannel approaches. We help businesses thrive using both new and traditional technologies.

Our Services

  1. B2B and B2C Marketing and Lead Generation: Targeted campaigns to engage your audience.

  2. Call Center Services: Enhance customer interaction and support.

  3. Website Builds: Create responsive, user-friendly websites.

  4. Marketing Lists: Top-quality mail, phone and email lists.

  5. Data Services: Comprehensive data management for informed strategies. 

  6. Video Production: Engaging video content to amplify your brand.

Brand Identity and User-Generated Content
We craft cohesive brand identities and run engaging UGC campaigns to connect authentically with your audience.

Strategic Partnerships and Social Initiatives
We foster growth through partnerships and align your brand with sustainability and social responsibility.

Comprehensive and Timeless Strategies
From digital to direct marketing, List2u offers creative, strategic solutions for tangible results and long-term success.

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Partner with List2u to navigate the modern marketing landscape with confidence.

New! OTC CGM Marketing

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Over the Counter Continuous Glucose Monitoring Marketing
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Marketing Industries

Automotive Marketing

MarketingServices for the Automotive Industry


Education Marketing

Brand Building Services for the Educational Sector


Consumer Goods Marketing

Marketing & Brand Building Services for Consumer Goods

Finance and Banking Marketing

Marketing Services for the Finance and Banking Sector


Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

Brand Building Services for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry


Technology Marketing

Expert Marketing Services for the Technology Industry


Live Website Builds

Cost Effective Website Builds for all Budgets

Data Services

Data Appending, Data Cleansing & Data Enhancement


Entire Management Program

Medical Billing and Marketing combined

Few of our Clients


Ruby R.

"Thank you List2u Team for your dedication and patience."

Dale B.

" You guys got me up and running and now I'm making money online."

Paul G.

Thank You! My pharmacy is now getting noticed in my community."

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May 16, 2016 - Unveils New Telemarketing Service for Medical Robotics, Bionics and 3D Imaging industries >>>
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