DME Rules 

Under Section 1834(a)(17) of the Social Security Act, companies that sell medical equipment can't call Medicare beneficiaries without permission, unless:

Breaking these rules and submitting a bill for payment can lead to legal consequences, including being excluded from federal health care programs.

Rules and Guidelines that suppliers of durable medical equipment (DME) should follow when contacting Medicare beneficiaries:

These additional rules emphasize the importance of ethical and lawful practices when dealing with Medicare beneficiaries and aim to protect their rights and privacy while ensuring the integrity of the Medicare system.

There are several other laws and regulations that suppliers of durable medical equipment (DME) should be aware of when dealing with Medicare beneficiaries. These laws are in place to ensure the proper provision of healthcare equipment and services while preventing fraud and abuse. Some important laws and regulations include:

" To find information on DME laws and regulations in a particular state, you can typically start by contacting the state's Department of Health or relevant regulatory agency. They should be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information and guidance on compliance. Additionally, you can also consult legal resources specific to your state or seek guidance from industry associations that may have state-specific information."