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Medical Lead Scoring, Medical Lead Monitoring

Quality Lead Monitoring for Medical Device Providers,

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Medical Devices include Back braces, Knee braces, Shoulder braces, Orthotic shoes and Diabetic Supplies

Quality Monitoring Process
1. Develop a "scorecard" that will be used to measure the subjective metrics, speed, clarity, courtesy and compliance. 
2. Listen to the recorded calls. 
3. Score the call based on the scorecard developed at the beginning of the program.
4. Let Medical Device company know Lead is accepted and compliant or rejected with reason why.

Pricing is based on number of Quality Monitors per 20 hours per week blocks
1 DME Quality Monitor: $600 week (20 hours)
2 DME Quality Monitors $1100 per week (40 hours)
3 DME Quality Monitors $1400 per week (60 hours) 

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