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Survey Campaigns
Validation Campaigns
Cross Selling Campaigns
Up-sell Campaigns

Industry Business Leads include Surveys, Validation, Cross Selling, Up-Sells and Appointment Setting campaigns for the following industries:
- Aerospace & Engineering
- Business Services, Business Consulting and Professional Services
- Financial Services: Accounting, Banking and Insurance
- Government & Military
- Healthcare: Hospitals, Hospital Supply, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals and Research
- Manufacturing: OEM and Contract Manufacturing
- Legal & Law Offices
- Renewable Energy: Biofuels, Solar, Wind, Hydropower and Infrastructure

1 - Determined Objective
2 - Define Target Audience
3 - Produce Data for Calling
4 - Design Script
5 - Execute Campaign (Let the calling begin)
6 - Review to see if the script needs any changes 
7 - Quality Assurance Dept. Verifies Lead
8 - Once approved - Lead is emailed along with Recording 

Industry Business Leads are actual Phone Verified Leads from our 200+ seat call center and can be delivered in real time or in bulk.

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