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B2B Leads, Call Verified Leads, Live Transfer Leads, Telemarketing B2B Leads, Telemarketing Services for Business can help your company with:
Survey Campaigns
Validation Campaigns
Cross Selling Campaigns
Up-sell Campaigns

B2B Leads include Surveys, Validation, Cross Selling, Up-Sells and Appointment Setting campaigns for the following industries:
- Aerospace & Defense
- Business Services
- Finance & Banking
- Government & Military
- Healthcare
- Legal
- Manufacturing
- Renewable Energy
- Technology

Services include:
1. Contact call Center for

2. Virtual Receptionist Services

3. Back Office

The Business Leads are actual Phone Verified Leads from our 200+ seat call center and can deliver in real time or in bulk.
A few reasons to use B2B Lead services:
·       Lower labor cost
·       Lower operational cost
·       Access to world class skills and capabilities
·       Improve operational performance
·       The complete potential of the company can be put into effective use
·       Helps companies to overcome seasonal workflow
·       Helps avoid expensive outlays 

 ” We strategize, plan, execute and monitor your Campaigns from start to finish”

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